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A Message from Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency: Our Thoughts and Hopes

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Home Care Agency Philadelphia

Good Morning B4E Family,

We have been searching within to find the right words to express our sadness as we are all affected by the present state of our nation. It is difficult to convey this message especially when doing so from a distance, but we want you all to know that you have our love, support and promise to lead you all with dignity and respect. We stand in a mission of acknowledging and welcoming diversity to help diligently diminish hatred, racism, and ignorance.

We pray that you all remain safe and that you find light in these dark times. Watching the peaceful protests and people of all backgrounds joining together, gives us hope that change is coming and we strongly believe that we all share the dream of living in a country of equal rights and equal opportunities.

Lastly, do not forget about yourself. You should not and cannot pour from an empty cup. Please remember to take a step back if needed from your “day to day” routine and allow yourself time to process your thoughts.

Thank you all and please stay safe.

Yael Vatury


V&V Management Solutions

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