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Benefits of Blessings Feature: Employee Assistance Program

Learn more about this great benefit of Blessings4Ever.

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Employee Assistance Program; home care agency

Just when you think you have life figured out, along comes a challenge. Whether those challenges are big or small, the Employee Assistance Plan through Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) is available to help you and your family find a solution and restore your peace of mind. Take advantage of the following services that are available to you and your family:

> 24-hour crisis help

> Childcare and eldercare referral services

> Up to 6 in-person counseling sessions

> Identity theft services

> Confidential telephonic counseling

> Financial services

To start taking advantage of the services and resources available through the EAP, please contact IBH at 1-800-395-1616 or visit

You can also call Blessings4Ever Home Care Agency at (215)425-3950 for further assistance in obtaining these benefits.

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