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Benefits of Blessings Feature: Flexible Spending Account

As an employee of Blessings4Ever, you have access to this benefit!

Each week, we have been featuring a benefit at Blessings4Ever that you may receive when you are an employee.

This week, we are featuring our benefit of a Flexible Spending Account.

Did you know that we offer a Flexible Spending Account as a voluntary benefit?

Why enroll in a Flexible Spending Account? Each pay period, money accumulates in an FSA. With a Health Care FSA, you may begin to use all or some of the total amount elected for services received as soon as the plan year begins. With a Dependent Care FSA, you will be reimbursed only for dependent care services that you have already received, up to the available balance in your account.

How much money should you put into an FSA each pay period? That depends on your expenses. The best way to estimate your expenses for the year is by looking over the eligible expenses you incurred over the past few years. Divide the total predictable expenses by the number of pay periods in the year. The resulting number represents

the amount you should consider contributing each pay period to an FSA.

If you would like more information on our benefits at Blessings4Ever or you are interested in starting a Flexible Spending Account, call us at (215)425-3950 to speak to an HR representative about enrollment.

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