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Benefits of Blessings Feature: Life Insurance

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Part of our Benefits of Blessings Series

Home Care Agency in Philadelphia; benefits
Home Care Agency in Philadelphia Benefits

Do you know that Blessings4Ever offers Life Insurance as a voluntary benefit for our employees?

Life has a way of taking turns when you least expect it. Voluntary insurance products, such as life insurance, disability insurance, and more, when combined with your core benefit offerings, can provide a low-cost way to insure against high-cost issues. If you experience a covered accident (accident, illness that has you out of work and/or you owe a medical provider money) a voluntary insurance plan can provide benefits that help pay the bills and maintain your way of life.

We feel that providing access to additional benefit choices and allowing our employees the ability to pick and choose based on individual beugets and needs would be an advantage.

Life insurance enables you to tailor coverage for your individual needs and helps provide financial security for your family members at affordable rates. The plan is available for family members as well, and fully portable at the same cost if you change jobs or retire. To find out more about our life insurance program and enrollment periods call (215)425-3950. A benefits enrollment expert will be happy to speak with you.

Life Insurance is only one of the many incredible benefits that you can receive as part of the Blessings Team. At Blessings4Ever we strive to offer the best available benefits for our employees and for our caregivers, as we believe that caregiver support is a necessary component of offering quality employee benefits and consumer experience.

To start your home care career with Blessings4Ever, go to our Join Our Team page on our website

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