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Blessings4Ever Starts "Catching up with Naisha!" for Caregivers!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Our new announcement updates go live on Mondays at 10am in our Caregivers at Blessings Facebook Group!

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This month, Blessings4Ever started "Catching up with Naisha!" in our Caregivers at Blessings Facebook Group, a place where caregivers who work for Blessings4Ever can get information, updates, and more. In "Catching up with Naisha!", Naisha Gonzalez our Customer Experience Manager, goes LIVE in the group at 10am every Monday to give important updates. Each week one lucky viewer wins a $10 gift card.

If you are a caregiver at Blessings4Ever, go to Facebook and look for our group, "Caregivers at Blessings Group". Then, request to be a member. We will then verify that you are an employee at Blessings4Ever and allow you to enter the group.

"Catching up with Naisha!" is part of a new initiative to increase engagement with our caregivers, answer important questions, and provide excellent customer service.

To join our group, follow the link below:

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