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Caregivers are ESSENTIAL Healthcare Workers

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

At Blessings4Ever, our caregivers recognize that they are essential.

Caregivers; Philadelphia home care agency

In a previous post, titled "The Future of Healthcare is in the Home" we mentioned that COVID-19 has revealed that home care is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Policy makers and healthcare professionals must work together to insure quality care as more and more are turning to home care to receive essential healthcare services. The caregivers that form the backbone of the home care industry are ESSENTIAL HEALTHCARE WORKERS.

We've seen many news reports and stories of healthcare workers in hospitals and other facilities for long hours. Many caregivers that work long, hard hours insuring safety and quality of care within the home of patients don't receive as much attention and yet they risk their lives to ensure the health and safety of others.

Blessings4Ever recognized this early on and made necessary adjustments to communicate to them that they were considered essential status. As a gesture of appreciation, during our first PPE distribution in which we provided free masks and gloves to our caregivers, we also gave out a t-shirt that said, "Essential Healthcare Worker." We want our caregivers to be recognized as essential healthcare workers wherever they go.

Caregivers are not only essential to our patients, but are heroes in the world of healthcare. When home is the safest place to be, they are still there ensuring that our patients receive quality and compassionate home care services.

If you would like to join the Blessings4Ever Team as a caregivers, please call (215)425-3950 ext. 114 or ext. 196 to speak to a home care expert. Thank you!

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