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Finding the Right Home Care Agency - 20 Questions

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Looking for the right home care agency, but find it difficult to make a decision? Here are 20 questions you should be asking.

Finding the right home care agency in Philadelphia

What should you be looking for in a home care agency? What questions should you be asking? Most people find themselves unprepared in these situations. We want to help you out. Here are the top questions you can to ask a home care agency, before signing up for services.

1. Do you have any literature to read explaining eligibility, fees, or funding sources? 

2. How long have has this home care agency been providing home care services? 

3. Is this agency Medicare certified? 

4. Are you licensed by the state? 

5. Can they meet my special needs that I have? 

6. Are nurses or therapists required to look over my home care needs? 

7. Do you include the client in crafting the plan of care? 

8. How do you train and select your employees?

9. Does the business have personnel policies, malpractice insurance, and any benefits packages for employees? 

10. Do you run background checks on staff? 

11. What services do you provide?

12. How often will my care plan change? When will it require changes?

13. Will my aide have a supervisor? 

14. How do you solve problems? 

15. What are your financial procedures?

16. Do you have aides that are available 24/7?

17. What do I do in the case of an emergency where services are not able to be carried out?

18. Who do I call when I have a complaint or an issue?

19. Do you help me prepare an informal support system?

20. Will assessments, course of treatments, and changes to my care plan be carefully documented? 

We hope that these questions help you make a decision. And if you'd like to hear how we measure up, call (215)425-3950. Thank you!

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