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Results are in from our July 1st Caregiver Survey!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

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On July 1st, Blessings4Ever conducted a survey among caregivers to get feedback for future caregiver orientations, employee town hall meetings, and overall satisfaction with the company.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. We had 119 responses. Your feedback is most appreciated and helps us make improvements for our caregivers and our consumers. We take your feedback seriously.

So...what were the results?

Question #1: Regarding sense of overall communication and support from Blessings4Ever, caregivers rated our performance on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Responses averaged at a rating of 4.1 out of 5!

Question #2: Next, caregivers were asked, "Of the following, what would you like to receive more information about as a caregiver at Blessings4Ever?" The choices were: 1) Events, education and opportunities, 2) payroll processes and procedures, 3) Responsibilities and Job Expectations, 4) Compliance Requirements, and 5) Other. The results are as follows:

Blessings4Ever is currently working hard to develop new programs, opportunities, and educational events for our caregivers. Be on the lookout for updates and news via our website, social media pages, and your email inbox.

Questions #3: Next we asked caregivers for some open-ended feedback, asking what their greatest concern is about working at Blessings4Ever. We received many different responses. Many caregivers are simply concerned about the health and well-being of their client during the pandemic. This is the reason that Blessings4Ever has implemented a COVID-19 taskforce, set up screenings and procedures for incoming patients and employees, distributed PPE, set up a COVID-19 hotline for anyone that has concerns, and much more to help us monitor the situation and take care of our employees and patients.

Others were concerned about being able to clock in and clock out. If you are having these issues, please call us immediately so that we can assist.

Question #4: Since we asked about the greatest concern, we also wanted to ask about the aspect you like most about working for Blessings4Ever. Again, we received a diversity of responses. It was rewarding to see that many caregivers love their job and enjoy helping and taking care of their patient. To see so many caregivers stay true to our mission to be a home care agency with a compassionate heart is amazing. Thank you!

Others were thankful for our helpful staff and ability to get answers to questions quickly,

Question #5: Lastly, we asked how many would be open to having a virtual orientation or town hall meeting. The results were as follows:

Thank you for everyone who participated and remember to check your email for updates, news, and events from Blessings4Ever. If you aren't receiving emails, please call your Care Manager to ensure that we have the correct email on file.

Thank you!

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