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Tips for Reducing Stress

It's the holiday season! Who wants to be stressed during the holidays? Practice these tips to help reduce your stress level.

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We have finally entered the holiday season after an interesting 2020. Even though it's not what we expected, we can definitely make the most of it! One way to maximize the potential of the holiday season is to reduce your stress levels. Relax. Deep breath...

But really now, how can you reduce your stress level? Here are some tips from WebMD:

  1. Exercise. Find a routine that is comfortable for you to start and stick to you.

  2. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

  3. Take time OFF of social media. I know it's impossible to imagine life without it, but it will help.

  4. Learn time management.

  5. Learn that it is okay to say no.

  6. SLEEP. Everyone loves this one. If you aren't sleeping well, this is a contributing factor to higher stress levels.

  7. Find a hobby. This may take some time, but find a recreational activity that keeps you sharp, active, and most ENJOYABLE.

  8. Asserting your feelings and opinions is great. Getting defensive, aggressive, or passive is not so great.

  9. Spend time with those you love!


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